Your students deserve the best. That’s what we’re here for. The future of content and curriculum. Targeted and ongoing teacher training. Lab design to fit your needs.

Our curriculum teaches essential understandings for students in the modern world — critical thinking, teamwork, and project management — in the context of the latest technologies — computer programming, computer-aided design, electronics, and advanced manufacturing. Our curriculum is flexible so your teachers and students are a part of its evolution. And it’s tried and true. It has been refined over years in the classroom with hundreds of students.

STEM and project-based learning are not buzzwords. They are the future of education.

Teachers love teaching our curriculum. No more lectures and piles of grading. We will work with any teacher to get them excited and comfortable in the role of guide, mentor, and coach. Teachers using our curriculum are learning alongside their students in a positive learning environment, not just serving as disseminators of facts.

Lab design that is responsive to your school, fits in your context, and works with what you’ve got. Whether you are looking to build a 10,000 square-foot lab from scratch or re-purpose the old shop room, our design experts will create a lab that is a joy to teach and learn in. Project-based learning is a whole new way to learn; the learning environment should reflect that. We will save you time figuring out what equipment to buy and we will save you money that is spent buying equipment that you don’t need.